Félix Ortíz joined the City Commission in 2018. Ortíz was appointed to Vice-Mayor in 2020. Since he moved to Kissimmee, Commissioner Félix Ortíz has shown that he is dedicated to his community.

As a business owner, he understands the struggles each business has to go through. Ortíz brings his passion and experience to his position.

Born in New Jersey and raised in Puerto Rico, Ortíz started his passion for cooking at the age of 13.

During this time, he apprenticed as a baker at his local bakery. He came to the realization that cooking and creating was indeed his passion.

He and his family sought increased opportunity and relocated to Central Florida where Félix would then attend culinary school. Soon after graduating, Ortíz worked at several prestigious chains and eventually was offered the opportunity to manage Kissimmee’s Three Sisters Speakeasy. He worked long hours and provided a comfortable lifestyle for his wife and five (5) children.

His tenancy and dedication paid off as he was offered to become the general manager and owner of the establishment.

Ortíz is the voice of the merchants and the residents of the City. He has worked and organized events benefiting the community such as the Thanksgiving meal for the homeless. Back the Blue events, and several other staple events in the City.

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