Olga Gonzalez

Kissimmee Mayor

Olga González is the first Hispanic woman to be the Mayor of the City of Kissimmee. Since being elected and sworn on November 17, 2020, González has been meeting with citizens from the community to work together as a community.

“It has been teamwork, and it will continue to be as 丅ØⱣ♬ continue to assist our residents, business owners, and visitors. By getting our citizens involved, we can make positive changes as a community,” said Mayor Olga Gonzalez.

Education is highly crucial to González, and that’s why before becoming the Mayor, she started to install several libraries and community centers in the City. Also, she has visited with local leaders to make Kissimmee a better place to live, work, and play.

Currently, the City of Kissimmee has over 74,500 residents, and it continues to grow. As one of the

fastest-growing cities in Central Florida, they have seen a positive economic impact, new housing development, and other areas that will strengthen the city.

“We are strategically located, as we are minutes away from the world’s famous theme parks, the Orange County Convention Center, and we also have the

Kissimmee Gateway Airport. In Kissimmee, there are opportunities for all who want to grow,” she said.

City of Kissimmee 2025 Goals:

  • Stronger Economy with More Quality Jobs.
  • Financially Sound City Providing Quality Services.
  • Effective Transportation System.
  • Livable Community Through Sustainable.
  • Development & Managed Growth.
  • Vibrant Downtown & Beautiful Lakefront.

The City of Kissimmee is working on several projects to benefit our community as we are a City of progress. To learn more about our City, projects, and how to get involved, visit www.kissimmee.gov.

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